About Us


I started Metal, Cloth & Wood so that I could design jewelry that I wanted to wear.  While I've always been obsessed with clothing, accessories & jewelry, it's been a struggle to find edgy, unique & thoughtfully designed pieces that I felt represented my own personal aesthetic.

I like to say that my jewelry designs "inspire the wearer & challenge the admirer."  I love when someone compliments a piece that I've designed, not realizing what's actually depicted ON the jewelry.  That moment of realization -- when it registers that what they've just been cooing over is a ring with a big old centipede on it  (did I seriously just compliment jewelry with a bug on it?!) -- is when I know I've done my job.  Yes, you DID just compliment jewelry with a bug on it and that's totally ok because bugs are beautiful!

Yes, I love bugs.  And I love jewelry.  And I know there are plenty of other folks out there who also share at least one of my two loves.  So if you have a fondness for either (or both!) of those things, you should definitely check out my shop and see if there is something I can make just for you.  Everything is hand made to order!!!  And if I don't have quite the right thing for you now, make a suggestion here &/or check back soon because I am adding new items every week!

Metal, Cloth & Wood jewelry is created using the most eco-friendly practices wherever and whenever possible.  The precious metals used in the process are primarily green-certified and all of the silversmithing chemicals and tools employed are as vegan & environmentally friendly as I can manage — I even go so far as to mixing up some of my own concoctions just to ensure they’re as safe as they can be.  And any metal scraps left over are carefully collected so that they, too, can be recycled into even more beautiful jewelry!

Summertime is where my heart lives!  Cicadas humming all day long.  Crickets & katydids chirping through the night.  Humid air that wraps around you like a warm, loving hug.  The clean & healing scent of grass and trees.  The surprise tickle of a damselfly landing on your bare knee -- just for a split second before noiselessly taking off again.  Summer has always been my favorite time of year.  And the fact that it's filled with all of these tiny & incredibly fascinating wild animals that you can hold in the palm of your hand has always made it an especially exciting time of year for me.

My inclination to gravitate towards unconventional beauty enables me to create distinctive pieces that are as authentically unique as they are wearable and flattering.  I love that I can look down at my jewelry and be reminded of the beauty that exists in the natural world, no matter where I am or what I'm doing.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about Metal, Cloth & Wood's distinctive line of jewelry.  Visit my insect and nature-inspired jewelry shop and if you’d like to be among the first to know about new designs, sales and happenings, sign up for our mailing list & get 25% off of your first order!

Johanna Wood
Owner-Designer | Metal Cloth & Wood, LLC
FB | IG | PIN | TW: @metalclothwood